Hello! I'm Maddy

I have many loves and joys in my life… dancing, singing, family, friends, faith, music, teaching, cats, coffee, traveling, & more.

Beyond my performing credits (resume here) here is a bit more about me. 







Who I am and what brings me joy…


I am an enthusiastic reader and find joy in learning and growing my “library” to lend books to friends. 


I am an amateur baker, but also find joy in trying fun healthy recipes! (I’ve helped my dad lose 50 lbs)


I am a gym-goer, runner, biker, and find joy in doing weight training to support my dancing. 


I am a dancer. I find joy in creating and sharing with other performers. 

Thanks for learning a few tidbits about me. Visit my connect page to get to know me more!

I am a social media manager for small businesses. I find joy in writing and currently write for this dance blog! Check it out.


I am a penny-pincher/ bargain betty/ or as I prefer, MadsMoney Queen! I find joy in helping friends budget for life and pay off debt.


I am a sweet treat seeker with the goal of trying all the best cookies in NYC. I am brought joy by these delicious sweets and sharing experiences with others.